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Why Medical Professionals Prefer The Littmann Line Of Stethoscopes Over Other Brands?

In pre 60s era, the stethoscopes were at best primal and lacked features. However, their acoustic qualities started to improve from that period onwards and today they are considered advanced by all measures. The earlier versions did not have two chest pieces so doctors could not hear both – low pitch and high pitch sounds – with ease.

Thanks to the arrival of the Littmann line of stethoscopes – the domain of auscultation has been redefined in the last four decades or so. It’s possible to have quicker and more accurate reading of the internal body sounds and start the diagnosis of patients. With quality products, doing general physical assessment is a breeze now.

Here are some of reasons for medical professionals to prefer Littmann line of stethoscopes over other brands –

Littmann Line Of Stethoscopes

  • They are available in both – standard acoustic and electronic models to deliver superior amplification of sounds

  • The tunable stethoscope is the most path-breaking innovation to the design where both the bell and the diaphragm are on one chest piece instead of two

  • It’s now only a matter of pressing the chest piece accordingly to the patient’s skin and using the bell to hear either low or high frequency sounds

  • Apart from general physicians, the cardiologists are perhaps the professionals who need the best of stethoscopes for accuracy and sound amplification

  • They are well equipped to help medical professionals pick up body sounds amid noises, no matter how much difficult is the sound

  • They are fitted with a unique noise reduction technology that helps cut back the distracting room noises to a great extent and enable clarity and accuracy of sounds

  • Doctors find a product that is very versatile for adaptive use as they have to only alter the pressure on the chest piece to get the best results possible

  • Cardiologists find a range of models such as littmann stethoscope classic 3 to do their job convincingly and easily do adult and pediatric auscultation.

  • These products have two sides of the diaphragm – a large and a small –making it fit to be used for adults and pediatric patients simultaneously

  • They are available in the standard adult size, and also have the infant bell and pediatric bell (one-inch) so that the age of the patients does not matter in diagnosis

  • The two tubes in the design eliminate any noise artifacts to a great extent and ensure accuracy to diagnosis and treatment of patients

  • The ones made for cardiology purposes come laced with delicate sealing eartips to enable coziness and comfort for hearing

  • The sealing eartips ensure that the pressure does not hurt even a wee bit and sounds are more clearly and accurately heard

  • These stethoscopes come with a tough built and are made to withstand the rigor of daily use and deliver durability

  • They can last really long and if right care is taken, doctors will end the profession with a single device with no need to buy the second one

  • And lastly, color options are also available which is not possible with most other brands in the market

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