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Tricks to Create a Winning Debate Speech

You may need to influence a troop with your point of view or you have to create a debate speech as a given assignment by the English teacher. As most of the people have done it before, it doesn’t mean that writing a debate speech is an easier task. There are many things to consider for writing a debate speech on a specific topic or subject. Use of the right tone and selection of the perfect words are the basic rules to write a speech that grabs and holds the attention of the audience and judges.

If you are struggling with writing a debate speech and have no idea for a productive start, then go through the article to find tricks to create a winning debate speech that influences the audience greatly.

Tricks to Create a Winning Debate Speech

Hook your Audience at the Beginning

At the start, hooking your target audience should be your main goal if you really want to make your speech effective and winning. Sharing an interesting question, catchy quote, a surprising fact about the subject/topic, or a fascinating fact, are some of the best ways to grab and hold the attention of the audience. You must write something interesting at the beginning of your speech that introduces the topic along with drawing the attention of judges and the audience. You can also gain help from a popular debate app like TruStory to get creative ideas to hook your audience successfully.

Work on Background Information

Before conversing on a given debate topic, getting a suitable amount of background information and knowledge could be helpful to take a good start. Search for anything that can be useful for your audience to understand your argument in the best possible way. Also, provide your audience with the contest to help them understand that what you are discussing.

Create a Thesis Statement

Adding a thesis statement to your debate speech can give it a professional look. It is something useful that emphasizes your position and it should be debatable. Outlining your main points in the thesis statement could also be great for your audience. It makes easy for your audience to know what to expect in your debate speech. In this way, they are better able to follow your arguments and ideas.

The negation of Opposing Viewpoints

As it is mentioned above that your thesis statement should be arguable, get ready for the other viewpoints on the topic you are writing on. Dwell on the possible objections and opposing viewpoints that your audience would have to your argument. Then find the appropriate and logical ways to reject the opposing viewpoints. Choose the strong and perfect words and phrases to help the audience understand why they should move on with your point of view.

Closing Your Debate Speech

The conclusion of your debate speech should also contain something for your audience to consider. Make it enticing enough and also end with what they should do after reading/listening to your speech. You can also repeat your thesis statement in the conclusion to make it impactful. Also, make it clear for the audience if you want them to take action after listening to the speech.

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