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Top Tips For Selecting The Type Of Forklift Computer Mounting Systems

Forklift mounted computers has been around the corners for more than 20 years now, and its main use has been in the supply chain management sectorthough, in some rare cases, these systems have been used for other uses also.  Due to its installation usage and purpose of use, these systems were initially known as Vehicle mounted terminals or VMT.

A typical forklift computer system usually includes:

  • Amber display units.
  • LED or initially infrared screens.
  • Spinning hard drives.
  • Separate power converting unit and
  • A UPS which is usually housed in a separate box.

There are many reputed brands which deal with this type of computer systems. Some of them still stick to the older model whereas few brands have resorted to the new developed wireless models. However, due to the nature of its usage, forklift computers or the vehicle-mounted terminals are both relevant in its old as well as new models. However, there are few companies prefer to attach a barcode scanner to the forklift mounts to make the whole business operation procedure much easier to maintain and access as well as increases the efficiency and accuracy of all the data stored in the system.

Forklift Computer Mounting Systems

Again, one of the main difference between the old and traditional model of forklift computer system with the modern ones are that the traditional system was stationary, and the whole system cannot be unlocked to carry it to the actual point of operation/work, whereas, the latest models are pretty portable in nature.

The latest addition to this trend is the addition of rugged tablet PCs, which have found their way in the computer mounting data management system.This isbasically using tablets instead of space consuming systems with your vehicle mountings, and the tablets are needless to say portable as well can be used with considerable speed and ease in both indoor and outdoor business requirements.

Now there are few things to keep in consideration while selecting the rugged tablet PCs for these systems. Let us have a look at those tips:

  • The first thing to consider is the size of the display. The tip is that one should opt for the minimum display size possible obviously keeping in mind the nature of their business applications. Usually, 7” to 10” display screen (tablet) sizes are popular and in trend.
  • Another important consideration while installing rugged industrial pcs and tablets to yoursmounting system is the power compatibility between the forklift system and the tablets/pcs. The recommended ones are propane powered ones with apower range from 12V for lesser size tablets up to 72 V for the higher efficiency ones although manufacturers usually supply with a power converter which one can adjust according to their own power requirements.
  • The last but not the least is the amount of computing efficiency, memory and data processing requirement which solely depends on the nature of your business applications. However, small sized tablets tend to be slow with less memory, and the larger ones are more efficient.

However, while looking for tablet installation on your forklift computers, always make sure to check every detail with your tablet/PC provider.

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