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Top SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Search engine optimization has become a complete science in the recent years, and while it used to be possible for an average Internet dweller to know almost everything about SEO, today it takes a professional in the true sense of the word to know everything about this practice.

This is the exact reason why there are so many things people do in terms of SEO that are simply not good practices, and these bad practices lead them to making some of the most common SEO mistakes. Furthermore, if you want to have any success with your SEO efforts, you simply must be aware of the top SEP mistakes to avoid, as making these mistakes will not bring any results, and it might even lead to your website getting penalized by Google.

seo mistakes to avoid

Being Lazy with Your SEO Efforts This is probably the most common SEO mistake, and the worst thing about it is the fact that most website owners do not even realize that they are making this particular mistake. Namely, you should know that SEO is a process rather than an activity you can just get over with once and be done with it for good. So, if you have a website that has good and optimized content, you should keep adding content to it in order to always keep it fresh and up to date.

License: Creative Commons image source Featuring Plagiarized Content Featuring web content that is plagiarized is basically calling on Google to penalize you. Duplicate content is something Google frowns upon, so there is no point in featuring this kind of content on your website. Aside from getting a Google slap, featuring plagiarized content on your website will also make you seem unprofessional to your website visitors. Therefore, restrain from making this mistake on your website, as it will surely not bring you any good.

Too Many Backlinks from Low-PR Websites Your linking policy should always be perfectly thought-through, as there are many SEO mistakes to be made here. The top mistake you should avoid here is having too many low-PR backlinks to your website. The situation with low-PR backlinks is simple enough: a few of them will not do you any harm, but they will not do you any good either. On the other hand, if there are too many backlinks linking back to your website from low-PR websites, this can be seen as spamming by search engines.

Senseless Anchor Texts Your anchor texts should be logical and honest, and it is best to use your keywords as anchor texts. Writing ‘click here’ doesn’t give Internet users any information about the web page they are going to land on, so it is only logical that you should use an anchor text that will let your website visitors know where the hyperlink will lead them.

Generally speaking, it is a great idea to think about your SEO efforts in the following way: be honest with all of the SEO efforts you make, and being honest will always pay off in the long run. Rocha enjoys writing on a range of topics which includes SEO and PPC. This article is written by her for a company offering SEO training in Jaipur.

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