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Top 10 Steroid Alternatives

Athletes generally like to avoid anabolic-androgenic steroids and look for alternatives with similar effects. Steroid-like supplements also helps athletes to boost their natural performance. Not only athletes, but general people are not willing to use steroids because of their side effects like ‘Roid rage’ and their image in public. So they look for closest alternative to steroids for the benefits like steroids. These alternatives are easily found in general nutrition centres.

A first things strike up when we think of alternatives of steroids is to go natural. There are many natural dietary supplements with HGH, but these are to be supplemented by intense workouts.

  1. High Carbohydrate diet with high Calories:

Steroid Alternatives

To increase muscle mass, body requires calories from carbohydrates. Building the required muscle mass needs an intense workout and strength .In order to achieve it, intake of rich carbohydrate diet is a must. The carbohydrate can be in the form of liquid supplements also. Studies show that steroid users may gain more weight than natural supplement consumers but the strength is gained equally.

  1. High protein Shakes(Meal replacers) :

These are perfectly designed to weight maintenance programs. They are very rich in proteins used specifically for reduction of fat. Recipe to prepare them is to just blend the powder with skimmed milk and have it in place of meal. These contain all the nutrients that body wants and even more protein to build muscle. They are in budget yet healthy and nutritious. But these can be taken as per diet plan lasting not more than 12 weeks.

  1. Weight Gain Powders:

In the market, there are many Weight gain powders or Muscle building are readily available. They are combinations of Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals etc…in a specific formula that helps to gain abs pack physique. Though studies could not draw conclusions on how effective these powders help in building muscle.

  1. Vitamin and Mineral supplements:

Vitamin C helps in building muscle health and supports immune system. Vitamin B family increases metabolism and energy levels for an intense workout to build muscle. Minerals like Boron help muscle growth and increase testosterone levels. Chromium increases the release of hormone Insulin (muscle building hormone).

SARM’s (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are the compounds which has same effect as anabolic agents without any side effects. 3 of them are more popular and can be used by anyone except athletes.

  1. Cadarine:

It is a performance enhancer. It keeps the muscle and burns the fat. The dosage needs to be in supervision ofhealth experts.

  1. Stenabolic:

It gives endurance to muscles, burns the fat, promotes weight loss and reduces the glucose levels in blood. It is a no workout medicine i.e there is no need to work out when using this.

  1. LGD4033:

It is mainly used in treatments associated to cancer and has similar effects like testosterone still safer than it. It decreases body fat and increases strength and sex drive.

Though SARM’s are not steroids, they give minor side effects when over dosed like Acne, premature baldness and infertility.

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