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Things To Be Aware Of Drug Addtiction

There are many causes to drug addiction. People who suffer from deep psychological disorders often resort to escapism provided by drugs. Someone who has suffered a lot of pain or been through intensely traumatic incidents may also resort to taking drugs. Drugs can be medical or controlled substances. Once a person gets addicted their life goes into a downward spiral. There is only one way to emerge from this cycle. To enrol for a deaddiction program. One such effective and the best program is run by the Miramar Rehab Facility, which is known for its Los Angeles drug treatment plan.

The rehab centre designed a unique plan to resolve the issue of drug addiction. A team of experts put together a framework designed to uproot drugs from the patient. The Los Angeles drug treatment plan differed from other treatments in two key areas.

Drug Addtiction

  1. It uncovers the underlying cause of addiction.
  2. It resolves the issue which causes addiction.

Other plans seek to manage the addiction. That is, they rely solely on medical and physical rehabilitation methods. Whereas Miramar goes to the root cause of the addiction. The Miramar centre seeks to permanently free the patient of drugs, whereas other centres may see the patient slip into another cycle again.

Drug addiction is such that it destroys the cognitive function of the brain. The addiction works on a simple pleasure and reward mechanism. When it gets the drug, it feels pleasure and gets stimulated releasing feelings of happiness or euphoria. However, as time goes by, it needs a higher dose of the stimulant. This leads to addict to increase the frequency and dosage of the drugs taken.

This feeling of euphoria makes the patient forget his reality or the pain that he is suffering from. The patient escapes from the deeply disturbing nature of his life and experiences complete relief. He seeks to repeat this experience so as to stay in a permanent state of euphoria. This happens when the mind is unable to cope with reality. The treatment plan takes place in a phased manner.

Phase OneDetoxification – In this phase the patient is advised to sleep and is given medication for the same. The patient is away from drugs. He or she sleeps and relaxes. There are brief periods of light activity or wakefulness.

PhaseTwo –Treatment Plan – Our team of medical and clinical experts made individualized plans for each patient. These plans act like a map or blueprint for the treatment.

Phase Three – Individual Sessions – Individual therapy is given to understand the nature of pain which led the patient to take drugs.

Phase Four – Complete Counselling and Education Program – There are two to three therapy sessions in one day along with education programs

Phase Five –Family Therapy – Support from family and loved ones is key to the entire process. The centre arranges for phone sessions or visits with the family.

There are alternative therapies like acupuncture and sporting activities which the patient is guided to participate in.

Discharge Plan – The patient’s case manager decides whether the treatment plan needs to be modified, extended or discontinued altogether. Each patient has a unique case manager.

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