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The Turbine Engine: an Ubiquitous Part of Engineering

The turbine starting engine is a mechanical marvel of engineering, and it’s in nearly every piece of major machinery that has been built since the industrial age. A turbine engine utilizes the circulation of air to turn fan blades, which serve to power the remaining components. Most commonly, these engines can be spotted in aircraft, but you’ll find them in all sorts of machines that make our lives possible.

Turbine Engine

Brief History

The turbine engine is based in large part on principles used in steam locomotion. Although early engines were little more than novelties, these engines were powering the first horseless carriages as early on as 1791. Today, turbine equipment is used in all walks of life. Especially in industrial situations, where, according to Start Pac, power requirements can vary widely from daily consumer use.


When mining operations travel to remote areas to mine for raw materials to make cell phones, cars and other metallic objects we rely on, they have to fulfill certain power requirements to get their equipment up and running. Most of this mining equipment relies on turbines, which are powerful enough to bore through solid rock in search of metal.

A mining equipment starting unit is really not that much different from what powers an airplane. Most of these units are between 24 and 28 volts, which makes them capable of starting some very large machinery.


In these remote areas, crews rely on supply drops. Many of these drops come from planes that require aircraft maintenance equipment, including turbine starting GPUs. These GPUs provide more voltage than the standard support chargers, and are usually capable of a faster charge time too. That ability keeps airfields ready for a constant flow of traffic from planes both large and small.

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