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Stella McCartney Find Prominence With Both Genders in the Fashion Industry

Stella McCartney is a complicated brand and this makes it more compelling. In order to stand out in this highly competitive market, one really needs to design something more than beautiful clothes, and Stella McCartney has been successful in doing this. It is really important for a brand to create a name for itself, which will compel one to spend 50 pounds on something as small as a key ring. Since Stella McCartney has been designing dresses for women essentially, she picked up her trump card in complexity- what she thinks is all about being a woman in the 21st century. The brands which are considered to be old fashioned are one dimensional, and women nowadays no more want to find themselves in this simplified role. Since she has been designing dresses, shoes, and accessories for a woman, it brings effortlessness in the procedure. Along with it, there comes intriguing details as well, which to some sense is spiritual to the fairer sex.

Fashion is a complete psychology, so whenever a designer sits for scripting the best designs of his/her life, there comes a holistic sense in the entire thing. And to some of the greatest designers, the entire piece needs to be beautifully constructed as well, since that will help it to last not for one generation, but for the next few as well. For a designer, the biggest success is in sustainability- for multiple generations. McCartney has always used fashion to help one enable of building an environment around- a wardrobe, which incorporates everything- the lifestyle, background, works, and the effects of works.

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Most of the designers start off with a simplistic approach towards products and designs, but as and when the skeins of the entire fashion industry start winding them, it gets more and more neurotic and difficult as well. But with McCartney, it seemed to be the other way round. While assessing some of the designs on the clothes or even the Stella McCartney sneakers, they were much more complicated earlier, and with every passing day, the more she has been accepted by the entire world, the more she has got easy and comfortable with her acceptability in the industry. She has been capable of citing women so beautifully that men would always dream of getting married to a Stella clad woman.

Impeccable tailoring is the signature of the McCartney products, and she was the first who successfully fused the masculine trousers and jackets with the lacy feminine pieces- a look which is completely ubiquitous with the women wear nowadays. If women wear has evolved in almost two decades from when Stella McCartney had started her career, the luxury menswear nowadays is almost unrecognizable from what it was in the last decade of the previous century. What comes into notice nowadays is the gender fluidity that has fused in both menswear and women wear. For the matter of fact, the new line of menswear that comes in shortly has been the larger boom for the fashion industry in the retail section. In the past five years, it is the sales of men’s Stella McCartney shoes online that has been reported higher than that of women’s.

The aesthetic approach of the brand seems poised to the seamlessly cross genders and Stella has successfully achieved in maintaining the ideas that she has always followed in creating the sustainable sophisticated fashion while dealing with the women and children. She is as male as she is female and this capability to look into both the sexual preferences helps her to keep the balance while she designs and cuts out pieces for her new works. There have been multiple designers who have chosen to shift from women wear to menswear, but for none of them has this transition be as smooth as that of Stella’s.

She believes that keeping a unisexual eye for both menswear and women wear has been the key of her success in designing both of them with equal élan. The only challenge according to her was to create something original and unique. It is always important for a designer to stay true to a particular point of view which actually helps in approaching both the men’s and women’s wear in the same way.

There have been so many designers in the industry who have designed it for both men and women, in fact all those who have been designing has for once tried their hands in both the sections, but there’s something different with Stella McCartney’s designs- and that’s the feminine and tomboyish, soft yet structured character well portrayed. If the current obsession of clothes that can be worn by both the sexes in an indication in itself, then the Stella McCartney aesthetic will definitely translate with enough brilliance in the men’s line as well.

Author Bio: Mallory Fowler is a fashion enthusiast and has been writing fashion columns, blogs for many years now. His recent article give the readers a clear view of how the Stella McCartney sneakers have been designed to fit the need of both the genders.

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