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Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II Recumbent / Rower- The Combo Exercising Machine

You are already aware that both rowing and cycling are regarded to be one of the best exercises to boost up the muscular strength and to even reduce the weight. Previously when want to work out these exercises; you had to buy two different separate machines but what if a machine offers both the combo facilities. There is nothing better you could have asked for? The Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II Recumbent / Rower is unique equipment which is both a bike and an excellent rower. Moreover, it also helps in strength training exercises. Undeniably, this three-in-one machine has become a necessity for people who do not have adequate time to visit the gym.  With easy transportation and storage you do not have to think much about its weight or any other factor.

Combo Exercising Machine

The Admiring Features that Lets You Stumble Upon

·         Dual Facility of Biking and Rowing

This is amazing exercise equipment where the user can avail both the facilities of rowing as well as biking.  Thus you can perform a total body workout

·         Presence of Electronic Monitor

The Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II Recumbent has got a large electronic LCD screen for monitors the important records such as time, calories, distance etc and you can view all the data on the screen.

·         The Weight Capacity and Dimensions

The machine has a got a good weight capacity and can withstand a weight of around 250 pounds. The dimensions include 74.5 inch width, the height about 25.5 inches and the density is about 10 inches.

·         The Resistance Level

This is one of the top most features of this wonderful machine. It offers about eight different levels of smooth and magnetic resistance as well as hand pulse sensor built into grips.

·         Addition of the Top Bar

The addition of the top bar certainly adds icing on the cake to the machine. It helps in performing exercises related with torso such as biceps, triceps and kickbacks.

The Process of Switching Different Modes

Since it is both a bike and rowing machine, therefore it is important to know how you can switch between various modes. After easily assembling the machine you can switch from one mode to another very quickly.

 Switching to Rowing Mode

You just need to simply pull out a pin which will unfasten the seat and the row. The same pin keeps your seat intact when you are performing bike exercises.  The rail on which the seat is fixed is long enough to accommodate the users. When you are becoming a rower, it is always important to keep your back straight and away from back chair. You get a ball bearing rolling system to perform the workout without any difficulty.

Switching to Bike Mode

As mentioned earlier, you just need to adjust the pin accordingly into the rail which will fix your seat.  As such you can choose different options while adjusting the seat in accordance with your height.

You can lean back comfortably while you are biking. Even the footrests are quite comfortable and built keeping in mind the convenience of the users. The pulse sensors help in monitoring your pulse rate while exercising.

Switching to Top Bar Mode

When you are switching to this particular mode, you have the option of performing the rowing exercise even while standing. Here you need to adjust the magnetic tension according to your workouts. The common exercises which you can do in this mode include bicep curls, extending the triceps, rowing upright and so on.

Now the Advantages

This is a magnificent machine which offers several advantages. It is important to note some here-

  • The Stamina Conversion II is known to be three in-one machine where you can perform rowing, biking and stamina increasing exercises with same equipment
  • Eight levels of resistance for moderate to difficult exercises
  • Easy transportation and storage
  • Adequate monitoring

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