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Practical Content Marketing Tips for 2017 and 2018

As a digital marketer, content marketing is in the middle of everything you do. The content created and published determines the success or the failure of that online business. What this means is that you have no room for mistakes.

As you create content, you have to determine if your content will attract the limited attention span of your audience and if it is better than the content created by your competition. Here is how to win in content marketing:

It is all about your audience

You will get tempted to talk about you because you think that you have done a lot and your audience should know all about it but, doing that is signing yourself up for failure. Your audience doesn’t care about you but about what you can do for them. So, can you solve their problems?

If you show your readers that you care about them, they will read and share your blog posts, revisit your site and your net worth assessment audit will show the rise in sales.

Once you reach your audience, determine how to create content that will help them. Engage with them, reply their comments and listen to their concerns about your blog or social media platform.

Through positive engagement, you will also know what your audience needs to read more about or where they need more help with. Always include a feedback button and create personas to help you write the perfect content.

Practical Content Marketing Tips

Stay strategic

Kings win wars because of the strategies they set. As we already know, content is the single most important element in digital marketing so, to achieve your goals. You’ll be required to make content that your audience will love for you to make more money.

Even if your content has the lowest traffic, shares and you receive few emails, but it still helps you meet your goals, keep at it. For this to happen, research. Take a look at your biggest competitors and pinpoint the content that receives the highest interaction as well as engagement. Also, look at what doesn’t create traffic or what has the lowest engagement.

Other than in-depth investigations, you’ll also need to consider the type of content for your site, the right media to sell through, the kind of promotions to run and the influencers to use.

All these are important because writing content only accounts for 20 percent of all the work needed for success.

Tell your tale well

As mentioned above, content is all about your audience. Your audience must find your content interesting such that they are always looking forward to your next content. Create the best content possible but make sure it is relatable. Humanize the content and make it easy to understand. The inclusion of case studies, screenshots, and short write-ups make your content easy to read.

Tell your story and make it a good tale. You can also document the questions asked then put them into a blog post.

You can add props like photos, videos, and infographics. Don’t forget to have a catchy headline to pique a reader’s interest.

Final tips

  • Include backlinks and internal links
  • Closely track and measure your performance
  • Be creative
  • Enhance the site’s user experience.

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