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Plan your next holiday at British Virgin Islands

Are you looking for a perfect holiday destination? British Virgin Islands (BVI) can be the right place. Located in the North West corner of the Caribbean, it is a group of islands consisting of a total of 60 beautiful islands and cays. There are a number of ways to experience the magnificent views, culture and spirit that the BVI has to offer. The four major island of BVI are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada.

Tortola, the largest island in BVI is lush green with amazing white-sand beaches, coves, forts and ruins. This bustling island attracts tourists from around the world. Virgin Gorda is the best place for nature lovers who are looking for a peaceful time on secluded beaches. Although the smallest island in BVI, Jost Van Dyke is world-famous for its lavish yacht parties hosted specially on occasions like New Year’s Eve. Anegada is perhaps the most unspoiled island and the only coral island in the volcanic range in the BVI.

BVI is a popular holiday destination because it has something to offer to suit every taste. In Tortola you can shop and get all the luxurious amenities, Virgin Gorda and Anegada is enriched with natural beauty and Jost Van Dyke is the ultimate destination for the party animals. BVI is one of the most sought after places for yacht charters in the world. Starting from the secluded unexplored beaches that are stretched for miles after miles to scuba diving into the azure sea, options available here will leave you overwhelmed. Chartering a yacht will allow you to have a gala time during your vacation.

British Virgin Islands

Remember every yacht is different so your experience might vary in different yachts. A good BVI yacht charter provides you with excellent amenities, friendly crews and fun filled activities. Before booking a yacht for you holiday in BVI you should consider some factors.

  • Amenities: Firstly you should check if the yacht is equipped with modern amenities for giving you a luxurious stay. Yachts should have air conditioning, private showers, galley, wireless internet and delicious food. The best yachts have their own crew which includes a captain and a chef. For making the vacation in BVI an unforgettable experience, choose a yacht that has a large cockpit, private staterooms and serves you the finest of wines and cocktails.
  • Crew: The best BVI yacht charter only hire the crew who are warm and knowledgeable professionals. They should be experienced with expertise in a wide variety of things from guiding you safely while snorkelling to making gourmet meals.
  • Activities: Make sure to book a yacht that takes you to all the major tourist attractions in BVI. From the boat you will have the opportunity for engaging in different water sports like water skiing, tubing and wake boarding.

The main advantage of chartering a yacht in BVI is that you can visit different islands, witness new sights, eat at different restaurants and shop and different shops. So for getting a best experience in the British Virgin Islands, charter a yacht.

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