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Know About Hgh Dosage Regulation Today!

You must have heard about dietary supplementation products that are used for the purpose of anabolic growth of muscles as well as reducing body weight for managing overweight conditions. What if you can get both benefits of burning extra fat layers from your body without harming the lean structural build up of your muscle unit? One of the most potentially active hormonal regulatory products is going to do that for you, which is synthetically produced human growth hormone or HGH. Human growth hormone was first released into the market under the generic name of Somatotropin in the middle of 1950s. Since then, there have been over twenty five brands under which HGH is marketed by several pharmaceutical companies across the world. Why do you think that the popularity of the product is increasing with time? You can now easily judge the efficacy of HGH by reading useful customer reviews and ratings on online websites or nutritional journals.

Hgh Dosage Regulation Today

How is the growth hormone cycle?

The hormone is naturally produced in your body with some intensions towards the beneficial functioning of different organs. There are a lot of professional as well as amateur fitness enthusiast including body builders, weight lifter and athletes who use HGH medications for upgrading their physique and enhancing their performance during a competitive sports act. Not only do people from the sports fraternity but also celebrities from the film community like Sylvester Stallone, Hugh Jackman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong, Bruce Lee, Dwayne Johnson and many more use hormonal regulatory products for building their muscle mass.

Growth hormone is produced and stored by the somatotropic cells that are located in the anterior lobe of the pea sized master gland of the body called the pituitary gland. The hormone has the potential to cause the listed effects in the body:

  1. Increase the ability of endurance or tolerance.
  2. Improve the structure and density of osteocytes (bone cells) and myocytes (muscle tissues).
  3. Regulate blood pressure under controlled levels.
  4. Encourages the growth, development, regeneration, multiplication and proliferation of tissues.
  5. Shoots your energy levels to a large extent to increase your power output.

How to regulate the dosage cycle?

The dosage cycle and the extent of positive and negative results vary from person to person using the product for either muscle building or growth hormone deficiency purposes. Therefore the dose strengths will also vary depending upon a person’s age, gender, weight, height, medical history suggestive of any drug allergies etc. You can administer HGH for two main purposes:

  1. For anti aging activities- take 2 IU of growth hormone every day for visible results. The injectable form can be taken at any time, either in a full or empty stomach. But be sure about regulating your sleeping and feeding cycles properly to avoid insomnia and digestive disorders.
  2. For fitness and muscle building- take 4 IU of HGH daily as recommended by your dietician. Do not exceed the maximum safe limit of 6 IU if you want to build your muscles like Sylvester Stallone or any celebrities.

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