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Human Growth Hormone – An insight into the dosage


Growth hormone helps in stimulating growth in humans and animals by cell reproduction and cell regeneration. Hence it plays a very important role in human development. Growth hormone is short termed as GH, also known as somatotropin means human growth hormone. Growth hormone is essential amino acid and single chain polypeptide which is stored and secured in pituitary glands by somatotropic cells.

 Many athletes started taking growth hormone during sports to increase their metabolism, which was already banned. Even though after ban it was is used by many. Because, during early years of detection methods like urine analysis failed detecting doping. After many years, blood tests were introduced to the world. This helped differentiate between natural and artificial human growth hormone. After this analysis, blood tests have become mandatory before sports.

Human Growth Hormone

Few people use human growth hormone to make themselves look young. But, there is no proof regarding retaining age factors and these products are very much harmful if consumed on regular basis. Human Growth Hormone is produced in pituitary gland and mostly affects height in kids and teenagers. Earlier in 1985, synthetic or artificial human growth hormone is developed and approved by medicos, since this helps to deal specific problems in adults and kids.

 Growth hormone is used to efficiently raise livestock in agricultural industry. There are many efforts to obtain approval from government to use growth hormone in the production of raising livestock. Only one country is using approved growth hormone for usage in live stock which is specially cow specific. This cow specific growth hormone is known as bovine somatotropin, which helps in high milk production. To sell this milk, many retailers have got permission from government to label the milk containers to label with or without bovine somatotropin.

Growth hormone is naturally present in animals and sometimes it is collected from the bodies of animals after death. Whereas, hormones extracted from human bodies are termed as human growth hormones.

HGH doses

Human growth hormone is taken in different doses while treating various problems and these doses are counted in IU’s.

If HGH is using to treat general health or anti aging purposes or to reduce fat 2 to 3 IU’s per day are taken. Many of the users benefit from this amount of dosage. But people who are in their 40’s and above, HGH cycle dosage range of 1.5 to 2 IU’s are enough.

During body building, person requires 4 to 8 IU’s per day! But, along with this testosterone, low dosage of T3 and insulin is required for attaining maximum benefits.

Usually it is advised to start HGH with lower dose and gradually increase the dosages. This helps body to respond slowly.

While taking HGH in the form of injections, 5 to 8 months is for normal cycle and needs injecting once or twice a day. But the effects are short lived only for 4 hours of time. Human growth hormone should not be taken without proper prescription from doctor. So, talk to the doctor before you get started!

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