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How to Rent with Pets

Searching for the perfect rental apartment can be so challenging, however, adding a pet to that mix is even more challenging. If you have a pet dog, cat or hamster, etc. you need to make sure that you can find a friendly living situation for your pet.

Moving into a pet-friendly apartment should be taken as seriously as hiring the best SEO company in Toronto. Here are some of the rental tips to keep in mind if you own a pet:

Rent with Pets

  1. Make Sure the Community is Pet-Friendly

Make sure that the area you are moving into has a pet-friendly community. You can contact your veterinarian, Local Humane Society, or animal rescue and ask him to guide you on where you can find pet-friendly rental communities. You also have to make sure you find out the type of pets they accept.

Lean towards finding a community that has pet-friendly amenities and a dog park; this will make your pet enjoy staying there as well.

  1. Don’t Keep Owning a Pet a Secret

It is in your best interest to make sure that you let the rental management in the apartment you want to move into that you own a pet. The last thing you need is to have you and your pet evicted for neglecting to let them know.

  1. Read Their Pet Clause

Before signing any lease, you have to make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions of their pet clause. This should include what will happen if the pet damages anything and whether they have a pet deposit. This will help you avoid any additional fees.

  1. Pet-proof The Apartment

You have to invest in a pet gate if you want to keep your pet out of your rooms and you want to keep their paws away. Create a space for your pet like a crate, a pet bed or a soft rug for them. You can also put their eater and food in a spot that will be easy to clean. You also need to keep dry goods inside a cabinet or pantry.

  1. Provide a Pet Resume

You have to give potential landlords all they information they might need about your pet. This includes your pet’s age, weight, breed, and if it’s been neutered, housetrained or spayed. You also have to add a letter from your vet with any training class certificates and vaccination. Ensure that you offer any references from previous landlords about the pets.

  1. Look for Short-Term Options

If you have a pet or you are planning to adopt one, but your rental community is against pets, keep your pet in its kennel and start looking for a place that does. You can opt to stay in a friend’s house temporarily or at a pet-friendly Airbnb

  1. Be a Good Pet Neighbor

Being a good pet neighbor means picking up after your pet, getting your pet spayed or neutered, keeping it on a leash when you are out, and keeping its noises down. That way, both you and your neighbors enjoy.

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