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How to Make Your Office Greener

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Over the last decade or so, everyone, including business owners, has become more conscious of the need to be environmentally aware in daily life. If you want to make your office greener or more environmentally friendly, here are some things you can do that won’t involve huge setup costs.

Office Cleaning

One easy way of making your office a more ecologically friendly place to be, is to use green cleaning methods. A growing number of office cleaning companies now use only ecologically friendly cleaning products. Why not make your office a more pleasant and greener place to be by using ‘green’ cleaning services?

Dealing With the Paper

No matter what type of business you run, you will know that keeping abreast of the paperwork is a necessary part of successful business practice. Many newer small and medium sized enterprises are easily confused as to how long they should keep certain documents. Another problem that all businesses face is how to deal safely with the destruction of documents that are no longer needed.

One of the best and most efficient ways of dealing with the growing mass of documentation that all businesses are legally required to keep, is to use the services of a good document management company. The best companies will not only store your paperwork and notify you of retention dates, they also offer document-shredding services that are both secure, and undertaken in an environmentally friendly manner.

Getting someone else to deal with, and dispose of documents as necessary, means that you can get on with the day to day running of your business, knowing that this vital aspect is taken care of. Documentation is a huge part of any business, and getting the right help in dealing with this will eventually save your business both time and money.

Nature’s Greenery

Encourage your staff to keep plants around the office, as these absorb a lot of the harmful chemicals in the air, and push out healthier ones. Not only will your office be greener, it will also be more colourful and attractive, and visitors will notice!

Cut Down on Waste

Cutting down on waste, especially paper waste, is essential if you care about the future of our forests. Encourage staff not to print out copies of every email they receive, especially when they can be stored electronically. When you really do need hard copies of certain documents, print on both sides of the page where possible. These days, most things can be simply stored in the cloud and only printed out as hard copy when necessary. Your document management company will be able to locate a particular document and send you an electronic copy within a couple of hours – reducing the need for you to keep large numbers of hard copy documents at your place of business.

Eco Friendly Suppliers

Finally, wherever possible, look for the eco-friendly sign when choosing your suppliers. Whether it is cleaning products, document storage, or furniture replacement, choose those suppliers who also care about the environment. They deserve your custom!

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