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How to Choose a Figure Skating Instructor and Football Coach?

Figure skating lessons can be a great, useful way to assist a skater progress in their figure skating. On the other hand, you shouldn’t just choose an instructor for your skater at random. A lot of factors are built-in such as costs, character of the figure skater and the instructor and the instructor’s experience.

As a result, if you want to find a figure skating instructor as well as a football coach, check these steps below:

Football Coach

• Think of why you wish a figure skating instructor or a football coach. Do you want to take part in competitions? Do you wish to just skate or play football for fun purposes?

• Some coaches and instructors won’t train you if you are not concerned in competing. Make out how extreme of a skater you wish to be.

• In addition consider what type of figure skating you want to do. Ice dancing, pairs, freestyle, different instructors are necessary for progressing in different fields.

• Do a little background checks on FHmatch football coach you want to select. During your interview, ask your future figure skating instructor or football coach some of these questions: How long time have you been coaching? How long and where did you play football before you decided to coach? What main achievements have you achieved? What are your football values? How many students do you train? Any feedbacks?

• Observe the coach teach other students. Check the techniques he/she applies to teach and as well watch the skaters.

• A number of coaches make use of strict, challenging techniques, while others try to be more relaxed and optimistic in their lessons.

• Ask parents of other skaters that hire that coach. Ask the skater(s) and their parents how the figure skating instructor is. Find out how the coach acts and trains from these sources.
• Discover what the coach waits for from her/his skaters. Does she/he wish them to go to the Olympics or simply try their best? Does he expect them to train each single day and not fall once or learn more from the mistakes?

• Last but not least, be sure the personalities of the figure skating instructor, parents and skater don’t conflict. As a result, make certain that these three have the similar goals, prospects, etc.

It is still very important to be sure your kid in fact wants to skate and play football. If the child wants to do this simply for fun and the instructor is very severe about sticking with skating, it might not be a great thing. That’s why you need to be absolutely sure your future figure skating instructor or football coach has lots of skill to present to your kid

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