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Effectiveness of IGF-1 for Your Wellbeing

IGF-1 is a growth hormone, also referred to as insulin like growth factor 1. It is an essential matter found in supplements like deer antler spray and capsules. This is made in the liver in response to the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Growth hormones are essential for body development which is why this hormone is important. During adolescence, this hormone is present and regulates the growth actions by the body. In cases where very less amount of hormone is produced, it results into dwarfism. Conversely, if the body produces too much of this hormone it leads to gigantism.

The doctors administer the growth hormone during adolescence in young adults to monitor the growing process. This is in use for many years by native people across the world. It is comparatively new for use as a supplement by athletes for enhancing performance. It is imperative in repair of cells and cartilages. It is recommended to take this growth hormone by bodybuilders or athletes under supervision of a doctor to minimize the hazards of side effects. This hormone is widely used as a spray though capsules are also available. Spray can be taken orally or as nasal spray. In oral form, the spray is administered under the tongue.

Effectiveness of IGF-1 for Your Wellbeing

Positive benefits

This growth hormone significantly increases the strength and efficiency of heart muscle. It results in blood flow through the damaged hearts. In normal and healthy people, it preserves the cardiac function. The injections are prescribed by physicians for patients suffering from torn ligaments, muscles, broken bones and deep tissue damage. In physical trauma, this hormone helps your body to release protein. It forms scar tissue and builds new muscle and often prescribed for patients with muscle degeneration diseases. It possesses the ability to regulate the immune system. If the immunity power is depressed, it can greatly improve it.

This growth hormone improves the sensitivity of the insulin receptor. Insulin helps blood sugar to get into the cells easily when it can be used for energy production. This improves blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. This is used popularly as a bodybuilding supplement enhancing workout. This growth hormone builds mass and strength at a breathtaking rate. It is commonly used by swimmers, weightlifters, runners and athletes for gaining training edge. This hormone promotes the repair of damaged nerves. It helps in the preservation of muscle tissue during fat loss regime. Irrespective of the diet, it supports weight management.

Following the instructions

The instructions regarding how much of this growth hormone spray to use per dose and how many doses to take per day depends on the brand and spray concentrations. Follow the directions given on the package before using the spray. To use, spray the required doses into your mouth. The spray is administered under the tongue and is advisable to hold the spray for a few seconds before swallowing. This allows the absorption of the spray in your mouth. If this is not done, effectiveness of the medicine reduces as the acids in stomach breaks down the hormone and it can also be taken as a nasal spray.

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