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Can clothing really help women to appear slim?

You may not believe this, but clothing can easily make you look slimmer. Experts suggest that an individual may look around 20 pounds lighter in weight if he or she selects the appropriate type of garment material and color. Not just western, but even Indian outfits can make you appear slimmer. So, the first step that you need to take is to decide if you want to go with Indian or western.

Undergarments can influence your appearance

Tight and itchy undergarments can make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Panties can easily ruin your style with those unsightly panty lines. But that is not the only concern. A tight bra can also cause bulges and rolls.

On the other hand, comfortable body slimmer undergarments can not only offer comfort but would make you appear good in whatever clothes you decide to wear.

women to appear slim

Opt for Salwar Kameez

Fashion designers suggest their clients to opt for narrow salwar, churidars, and loose fitting kurtas made from the stiff material.

Experts also suggest that cheddar should never be worn with short kurtas, they only look good with long kurtas.

Kurta should be stitched in such a way that it covers hips, but remains below your tummy. Make sure that pants are not too flared and are narrow.

Kameez with tucks can also prove to be a good option even though it is considered out of fashion by some people.

When it comes to salwar kameez’s designs, there are several options available. Perhaps, this is the reason women prefer this Indian outfit to hide their generous curves. Salwar kameez with a short shirt can go with parallel trousers and turn into a western dress. On the other hand, it you wear long shirt combined with flowing trousers and scarf, it would look like typical Indian dress.

Women/girls with fat arms should avoid wearing sleeveless kurtas. Those with fat arms can opt for sleeves of five inches length to hide flab on the arms.

Western outfits

Those who wish to wear western outfits during winter can hide their heavy bust line by choosing doubled breasted jackets.

Narrow trousers combined with a long coat can give you taller and slimmer look. Closed neck t-shirt can also give taller look, but individuals who have broad shoulders should avoid the same.

For those who prefer sari, it is advisable to choose fine silks or crepes and avoid wearing chiffons as well as saris made from bulky material. Blouse should not have deep cuts, and should be good-fitted.

No matter if you are slim or healthy, fashion designers advise their clients to avoid wearing clothing that has horizontal stripes. Such dress material can even make slim person appear fat.

When it comes to accessories, wearing bracelet style watch and sleek bangles can do the trick as it can make you appear slim.

If you are looking for designer salwar suits that would help you appear slimmer, you should definitely visit Fashion Buzzer and check their impressive collection of specially designed dresses. The site also offers western dresses.

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