The three magical word “Sorry, Please and Thank you” are the most generous and kind words that can be spoken by one. If one knows how to use one of these words time to time when essential, it will surely help the person to achieve greatness in life. Many people think it’s a disgrace to the honor or respect of the person if they saythese words, but in reality it represents you as a honorable and respectful person who is not afraid to speak for the right. One must say sorry and admit their mistake, one must say please to make a request and most importantly one must always thank others for the help or support they have received.

These are humble gestures, which raise you and your standard in the eyes of people. Saying these words just for the sake of customary norms is not enough; a person must always mean it truly from the heart. Well people seldom forget to say sorry and please but they often forget to say thank you. One must always remember the help or favor received and thanks the person for it. Thanking makes the person in front of you feel proud and respected. A small thank you time to time will get you to help every single time. Here is a list of thank you quotes and sayings to help you receive more help in future.


  • You gave me a shoulder to rest when I was down. You gave me your wisdom and advice when I was mad. You gave me a helping hand when I was falling, and you gave love when I need it the most.
  • All the things you have done for me are priceless, and I can’t pay you back for it. All I can say is thank you for being there for me, I love you.
  • If family like you came with a price tag, I would have been a billionaire. Even Google couldn’t have searched a better family. You guys mean the world to, and I am glad to have the best family ever.
    So, I would just like to thank god for giving me a the opportunity to be part of this great family and a special thanks to my family for giving me all the love on this earth.
  • People say there is no sorryor thank you in friendship, but I would be disrespecting our bond by not thanking you today. To find a friend like you is like finding a needle in haystack. I love you my friend and thank you for always being there for me, I owe you and I promise to always be there for you.
  • Living a life without you is like celebrating Diwali without diya, or celebrating Holi without colors. Thank you for making my life a true celebration. I glad to have a friend like you, all my lovely wishes belongs to you.
  • You are the footing of our friendship. You are the column, which gives me strength to stand against the problems, you are wall that protects me from all the sadness. If you were a house I would gladly stay inside you. Thank you my friend.
  • You are my mirror. You introduce me to my real self. You hide my weakness and show my strength. Thank you friend, you are the reason for my success.

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