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ABSTRACT STYLES – Difference between Descriptive and Informative Abstract Style

There are 2 types of abstract style, informative and descriptive. Most of the time your course leader demand an informative abstract style for your thesis and dissertation. But as this is not always the case, here is the brief explanation of both types of abstract styles.

Descriptive abstract

Descriptive abstract style is used to outline the research. It is just like a table of content, although set out in paragraph form, it explain what reader should expect in all the chapters of dissertation. The objective of descriptive type of abstract is to let the reader decide whether to read whole dissertation or only dip into the chapters that are of particular interest. While this type of abstract makes some sense, it is only suitable for lengthy reports where some parts of the reports may not be relevant with the interest of the reader. This style is problematic for masters as well as undergraduate level for these reasons.

ABSTRACT STYLES – Difference between Descriptive and Informative Abstract Style

  1. Reader who is marking your dissertation will read each chapter, so it is pointless to outline every chapter in this section.
  2. Descriptive overview of each chapter usually placed at the end of introduction or first chapter, which is the more appropriate section to tell the reader what to expect from chapters forthcoming.
  3. As descriptive abstract doesn’t capture true essence of the research, it fails to draw reader’s attention and push them to read more.

Informative abstract

Informative abstracts actually captures the whole essence of the research. Although the reader who mark your dissertation will inevitably go through the whole dissertation help UK, the informative abstract style should basically, make this step unnecessary, because informative abstract include whole critical detail about that dissertation.

After reading an abstract that is written in informative style, reader is able to know each and everything from the purpose of the research and motivation behind choosing such topic, significance of the study, choices of research strategy made, as well as the key findings and the conclusion drawn from the research. Every component is discussed in depth detail, however being concise is still the art of writing a well-developed dissertation abstract.

Because of these reasons, abstracts are commonly written in informative style. At the same time it is most likely that every masters or undergraduate student is expected to write an abstract in informative style, it is wisdom to double check the guidelines given by the dissertation supervisor because he or she may have different criteria to judge the research of their students.


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