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A Peek Into Crossfit Athlete Ben Smith Routine

When athletes want to excel in their fields and ensure great performance as well as endurance levels, it is not enough that they have a healthy diet and exercise. To build those muscles as well as maintain great performance, additional supplements are necessary as well. When you see flexed muscles of athletes, do not think they have attained it in just a single day but it has taken perseverance and a disciple. Ben smith crossfit athletes are fit, lean, muscular and of course, healthy. That is why; there is a general curiosity as to how they have got those muscles.

A look at the diet and Progenex use of Ben Smith and his brother athletes

Crossfit Athlete Ben Smith Routine

People want to find out about their diet and their training schedules. Who to better ask than Ben Smith, one of the popular athletes today? It also helps that his two brothers are also into sports and have achieved excellence.

One might think that being brothers, their workout regime and eating style may be similar. But they say, it is not the case most of the time, as each body type is different and that is why, diet plans and workout style may vary from person to person. What one found common amongst three was the intake of Progenex, though different types, depending on each body needs.

For Ben, the day started with a nutritious but simple breakfast consisting of oats, berries and bananas. This is his intake before beginning the workout. He takes Progenex More Muscle post his first workout and later, after the second session, he consumes either a paleo meal or a chicken salad. Sometimes, it is just burrito.  Dinner is what his mother cooks but he also cheats in between with a pizza or ice cream.

About Progenex supplements

Progenex More Muscle are supplements in 30 or 31 gms and the ingredient is whey protein. It helps build muscles and also enhances endurance.

Progenex Amplitude are creatine peptides and has no taste and can be mixed with other drinks. It prompts quick results. It helps increase muscle mass, and doubles strength, enhances performance and power.

For Ben’s brother, Dane, it is Progenex PB Caramel Crucnh Bars for breakfast which contains proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It thus balances the intake of each constituent and another benefit is that it builds muscles and even is helpful in fat burning. He consumes Progenex cookies and cream, post his workout and also Progenex Amplitude. Ben smith crossfit training help in increasing muscles and thus helps to remain fit and also perform better.

For Alec, it is Progenex Grape Force for breakfast and Progenex Peanut Butter Post Recovery after his second workout. Progenex Force is a pre-workout supplement and contains a variety of ingredients which helps enhance body’s endurance and performance levels and thus increases stamina, strengths and even mental focus of the athletes. Thus athletes are able to train better and more. Progenex Recovery helps muscles to recover better and sooner. It contains whey protein isolate and contains peptides that can be quickly absorbed into the body, and that is why they give faster and better results.

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