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A Complete Review of Human Hair Wigs

Women choose to wear human hair wigs for different reasons. Some need to change their style frequently, some may have thin hair and hair loss because of medical condition. A wig gives us a great versatility in stying, color and length. Is may be very frustrated to choose the correct hair wig especially for those who are reading to wear wigs for the first time. It is usually a wise choice to wear wigs as a protective styling option because the wig allows your own hair for a break. Wigs are versatile and can change your hair look quickly.

Synthetic vs Human Hair Wigs

Synthetic wigs are usually made of plastic, the fibers are heated and then strung into hair, the hair strands are woven into wefts and extensions. The grade of synthetic wigs varies from hair manufacturers and will determine how natural the wigs look on your head. A lot of synthetic wigs have curly fibers that could easily become tangled, matted after being worn for several weeks. The curlier hair of a synthetic wig, the shorter the lifespan of the wig will be. But due to improved hair technology and affordability, synthetic wigs are becoming more popular.


While human hair wigs are made with real human hair that is donated from Brazil, Peruvia, India and China. These hairs usually must be gone through cleansing, sanitation and inspection before being made into a human hair wig.

Human hair wig has a longer life than synthetic wigs, it could also be styled, colored, bleached, dyed as you desire. Under proper maintenance, human hair wigs can last for several months and even a year. There are a lot of hair textues in human hair wigs, including straight, wavy and curly in hair market.

Wig Construction and Cap

The wig cap construction can determine how realistic the wig appears on your head. Hand-stitched wigs are most natural and it usually takes several hours to make a hand-stitched wig. While machine-wefted wigs are looking less natural because they are mass-produced, sometime they look unrealistic on your head. Here are some types of wig caps.

Full Cap

A full cap wig is designed to cover your full head, there is no area left for a parting space or leaving your own hair out. Full cap wig is easy to put on and there is an adjustable straps for security.


Some wigs have an u-part opening for you to leave some strands of your own hair for a nice blend. Not having a straight hairline, an u-part wig has a U shape cut at the top of the wig. This U shape cut allows the wearer to leave some of their own hair out to get a more natural look.

Lace Wig

Lace wigs are the most popular, they usually have a transparent lace base and can be parted in any style. Lace wigs usually have full lace and lace frontal options. A full lace wig is the most realistic because it is completely made of lace, you can wear it in a high bun and other styles. Many lace wigs come with baby hairs for a more natural look.

How to choose a natural hair wig? That will depend on which type suits your needs, hair texture and length. New Star Hair offers you a lot of wigs in various hair textures, besides, they also wholesale virgin hair of bundles, extensions, closures, etc. With a rich experience in hair market, New Star Hair is your first choice.

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