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5 Things Which May Derail Your Weight Loss Efforts

A health science report published in a health magazine showed that nearly 45 million people opt for weight loss diet every year, but the irony is 2/3 of Americans are still suffering from obesity? A million dollar question is to find out the reason behind it and understand what went wrong. If you are also following a weight loss diet and not getting satisfactory results, then you must follow the underwritten tips to stay on track and accomplish your weight loss goals. You may have seen people using not a controlled substance in the US, but it is imperative on your part to consult your physician before opting for any kind of weight loss supplement. This will minimize the side effects you may experience.

Derail Your Weight Loss Efforts

Sugar Substitutes

We all know that diet soda is a better choice than the regular ones, but you may not know that sugar substitutes may bring negative effects on some dieters. It is noticed that some dieters experience retaining of water in their body as a side effect of consuming these sugar substitutes. If you have realized that your weight loss efforts have come to a standstill, try to eliminate diet sodas from your meals and opt for better alternatives to sugar. If you think that this is not a controlled substance in the US, have a word with your physician about it.

Lack of Sleep

This is the time when your body is relaxing and your mind is rejuvenating itself. Inadequate amount of sleep will strain your body and mind because you will not get recharge time. This is also a significant reason which could fail your weight loss efforts. A normal person is supposed to sleep approximately eight hours every night. If you are sleeping less than this,increase your sleep to eight hours every night, and within a short duration of time you will notice the difference in your attitude, you will not feel exhausted, and you will look fresh also.

Take Your Diet Seriously

Most of the people are too excited in the beginning of their weight loss regime, and they have heard the stories of folks losing 20 pounds or more in a month. What you may have heard about weight loss may not be 100% true. Actually, in the first month, we all can lose a considerable amount of weight because this includes water weight also. Remember that you have not achieved your body weight overnight, so how can you lose it in a couple of days. Weight loss is a continuous process which requires dedication. You need to develop better eating habits to facilitate your journey.


Stress is detrimental not only to your weight loss efforts, but it is harmful to your health also. Apply genuine ways to get rid of stress.

You May Not Be Eating Enough

Yes, you may be eating lesser than you require. Consuming fewer calories will take your body to a starvation mode and in spite of burning your body it will start saving the calories. You need to create a deficit of calories so that your body can use the stored fat for energy.

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