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3 Tips for Making This the Best Company Christmas Party Ever

It has often been said that a company is only as good as the cogs that keep the wheels spinning, and that would be its employees. This year, your company has gone beyond goals you set for it way back last year and you want to do something nice for your staff. You want to throw the best company Christmas party ever where you will hand out bonuses and awards for those people who have helped you achieve so very much over the course of a year. However, who do you put in charge of an event of this magnitude and what can you do to throw a Christmas extravaganza that will always be remembered?

Best Company Christmas Party Ever

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1. Start with a Corporate Event Planner

Since you want to reward every employee, who can you put in charge of the event? Perhaps you should begin by finding a corporate event planner to take the helm for you. These are special events planners and coordinators who can do everything from helping you find the right venue through to actually working the event. The right corporate event planner can take the worry out of your hands so that you, and your team, can go on about business as usual. There’s no sense worrying about the little details when professionals can manage things for you.

2. Book Live Entertainment

What’s a party without music and dancing? Whether you go with a DJ to spin those hits or hire a local band to perform live, a party just isn’t a party without entertainment. Some corporations book an assortment of talent such as a band for dancing after dinner and a comedian to put on a dinner show while everyone is seated at table. This is also something a local corporate event planner can help you with so don’t despair just yet!

3. An Open Bar ‘Might’ Be Nice – Or Maybe Not

This is something which may take a bit of consideration. It isn’t cost that concerns you but rather the drive back home after the holiday celebration. If you are concerned with your employees and their plus one getting home safely, you might want to set a two-drink limit beyond that lovely wine served with dinner. Some companies hand out tickets which can be given to the bartender while others plan for rideshares and designated drivers. An open bar is nice, but it also pays to be mindful of getting your staff home safely. Here again, this is something you can discuss with your event planner who understands your concerns and can help you plan safely when liquor is involved.

Finding the right time to hand out awards can be a bit of a challenge, but many corporations find that the best time is immediately following dinner and before the dancing begins. You have a captive audience when everyone is seated. Perhaps you could make all your announcements and hand out bonuses or awards during dessert. This can be the best corporate Christmas party ever with the help of an experienced professional planner and an early start at planning the event. You are grateful for a spectacular year of growth, so get that help so that you can enjoy right along with everyone else. Yes, this will be the best company party ever – so sit back and have a great time.

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